Published: July 31, 2010

Picasso's picture «Naked, green leaves and a bust» is sold at auction Kristiz for $106.5 million

Picasso's picture «Naked, green leaves and a bust» is sold at auction Kristiz for $106.5 million  
Picasso's picture «Naked, green leaves and a bust», written to them in 1932, was sold at auction Kristiz for 106.5 million dollars that made new, absolute, a record of the price for an object of art, when or sold by auction.

Preauction cost of a picture roughly made from $70 to $90 million. Auction took place on Tuesday evening. The identity of the buyer which conducted the auction by phone, doesn't reveal.
Naked, green leaves and bust

The auction lasted only nine minutes. Eight applicants were as in a salesroom, and participated far off, by phone as the press service Kristiz reports. After a mark in $88 million there were only two participants of auction. The last rate made $95 million, however future owner of a picture increased cost to $106.5 million.

Conor Jordan, the head of department of impressionism and the modern art of auction firm Kristiz in New York, told that it more than is happy with results of auction. «Stunning results of this evening showed that masterpieces of world art not only are demanded in the market, but also are welcomed with big enthusiasm and enthusiasm», - he noted.

Picasso's extraordinary work – a picture on which it represented the mistress and a muse, Mari-Theresa Walter, was exposed earlier in the United States only once, in 1961 in Los Angeles, in day when 80 years since the birth of Pablo Picasso were executed. The picture, which sizes slightly more than 150 centimeters at width and 120 in height, represents a lying naked figure and the artist looking at it.

Earlier the picture belonged to the Californian patron, nowadays to the dead Frensis Lasker Brody (Frances Lasker Brody) which got Picasso's work in the 1950th. Since then the picture was stored in her family.

The part of the means obtained at auction, will go to advantage of Hantingtonsky library of the Museum of works of art and the botanical garden, located in San Marino in California. Itself Brody took active part in life of this establishment.

The previous auction record of the price for an art subject, belonged to Alberto Giacometti's sculpture «The treading person» which was sold on February 3 this year for $104.4 million at the Sotheby's auction in London. The second-large sum offered for work of Picasso – «The boy with a tube», at the Sotheby's auction in London reached $104.2 million.

In the next few days, Picasso's other, almost unknown work, will be exposed on sale in the auction house of the Sotheby's. «A bust of the woman in a hat», written in 1965 on which the inspired Jacqueline Rock, Pablo Picasso's last love is represented. By a preliminary estimate, the price for a picture will make from $8 to $12 million. Within the last 50 years the picture was in Patricia Kennedy Loford's apartments on Manhattan, sisters of the former U.S. President – John F. Kennedy. The picture is exposed on sale by her successor.

By AnnaDanko


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