Published: July 31, 2010

The thousand birchbark manuscript is found in Veliky Novgorod

The thousand birchbark manuscript is found in Veliky Novgorod

One of these days there was an event which it is possible to consider as one of the most memorable for fans of Russian history. As report authentic sources, on Troitsk раскопе, being made in Veliky Novgorod, two more birchbark manuscripts were found. The first such find was fixed in the middle of the last century. Thus, total number of the birchbark manuscripts found during archeological excavations, at present makes, 1001.

According to the professor of the Moscow State University, the doctor of historical sciences Elena Rybinoy, this tremendous Novgorod find consists of one whole diploma and the second fragmentary remained. Alas, but time prevails, not all found artifacts remain up to now in a condition approached to the initial. Besides береста quite fragile material therefore uniqueness of such finds increases every year. At present, as Elena Rybina reports, laborious work on preservation and interpretation of the texts, the found birchbark manuscripts is conducted.

Since July 26, 1951, that is the moment of a find of the first birchbark manuscript, in Veliky Novgorod annually pass the celebrations devoted to this event. This celebration of Beresta is called Day. This day 59 years ago, during carrying out archaeological the robot on Nerevsky раскопе, близь Velikaya Street the sensational find which has stirred up a wave not only historical and scientific, but national interest was found at that time. The inhabitant of Novgorod, Nina Akulov taking active part in archaeological searches and excavation, held the first birchbark manuscript. This place and an event was decided to immortalize. Therefore subsequently the memorable sign narrating about what on this place for the first time in history Russia the berestovy diploma was found here was established.

Past year on Nina Akulova's being on the Western cemetery of Veliky Novgorod grave the monument devoted to her work and a unique find was established and solemnly open. Akulova's relatives became initiators of creation of this monument. With support of Administration of Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod archaeological expedition this idea was realized. On this monument, on a plan of his creator, that very first diploma and a short inscription narrating the following is represented: Her hands found on July 26, 1951 the first birchbark manuscript.

As informs committee of culture of the Novgorod region, a traditional Holiday бересты, this year will take place on July 25 at 16.00 and will take place on Troitsk раскопе in Veliky Novgorod.

By AnnaDanko


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