Published: March 4, 2012

A mysterious beauty: an exhibition of Buddhist art of the tanka

A mysterious beauty: an exhibition of Buddhist art of the tanka

Tankа - a Buddhist icon, before which they meditate, perform religious rites and rituals. This is a Tibetan word, which is composed of two meaningful parts: "tan" - "space, space", "ka" - can be translated as "filling the space." Thus, the creation of the tank - is the essence of the content space.

The tradition of a tank and a half millennia has evolved and matured at the same time as the expanded and transformed the teachings of the Buddha. The process of creating the tank is very time consuming and requires the artist not only patience but also a moral purity and spiritual power.

A mysterious beauty: an exhibition of Buddhist art tankaOsoboe tank attached to the charm of the unique natural colors derived from natural materials - minerals, plants, produce them by hand to the most complex technologies.

The dimensions of the tank vary in size, ranging from a few square centimeters to several square meters. The large tank often does a group of artists, and go to work for many months and sometimes years.

When you create a sequence of important tanks and flat state of mind. First, short strokes depicted landscape, and only when created glowing world of pure spiritual beauty, the artist proceeds to the image of the Buddha and the deities of Hindu pantheon.
A mysterious beauty: an exhibition of Buddhist art of the tanka

Represented the deity may vary - in male or female guise, at peace, or angry - depending on the function, which is designed to carry one or the other tank: learning, inspiring or protective. Introduction to the tanka - still rare for a capital project. The exposition will be presented as antiques and works by modern masters.

By BellMorgan


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