Published: March 26, 2012

Paintings by French artists of the Museum. Pushkin detained in Switzerland

MFA will monitor developments with pictures collections of the museum to them. Pushkin detained in Switzerland, and will do everything possible to unblock the situation.

It is said in the statement comments Information and Press Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, posted on the website of the Ministry.

The commentary also noted that delayed at the request of the Swiss company Noga exposure was imported into Switzerland under the guarantee of safety, which was given by the authorities of the canton of Valais, where an exhibition. Staff of the Russian Embassy in Bern, already left for the scene in order to clarify the details of what happened.

Meanwhile, reports "Interfax", if within the next hour with the arrest of pictures will not be cleared, the trucks will unload all the pictures will be placed in storage in Switzerland.

"Further storage of paintings in the truck is unsafe for their condition" - explained the head of contemporary art heritage of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography Anna Kolupaeva.

Kolupaeva reported that the pictures which are now in a truck in Geneva, will be stockpiled at the nearest store in Geneva. Pictures of the same with the three trucks that were detained in Basel, respectively, will be stockpiled in one of the local stores.

Earlier, the diplomats of the Russian Embassy in Switzerland have made to the trucks, where the arrested paintings from the Pushkin Museum, included air-conditioning.

Recall that the paintings were arrested in Switzerland at the suit of the company Noga, were on exhibition in the town of Martigny in the canton of Valais. At the conclusion of the exhibition November 13 all the paintings were to go back to Russia, but were arrested. Diplomats with the assistance of the Government of Switzerland managed to lift the sanctions, but on the same day Noga filed another lawsuit, and trucks with the paintings had been detained at the border of Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the Hermitage will review all arrangements for the exhibition business with countries that do not provide an agreement prohibiting the seizure of works of art on the economic risks of third parties, told the TV channel "HTV-St.Petersburg" on Wednesday, the State Hermitage Director Mikhail Piotrovsky.

"If in the near future the situation is resolved, the Hermitage will return from Zurich, and exhibits no luck in Baden promised paintings by Matisse. In addition, we have planned in Switzerland, an archaeological exhibition from the museum's collection," - he said.

The press service of the Hermitage "Interfax" made it clear that at the present time at the "Dalai Lama" in Zurich, there are seven exhibits: four bronze sculptures, two drawings and one altar decoration.

As previously reported, the paintings from the Hermitage were not represented at the exhibition "French artists in the collection of the Pushkin Museum" - who was arrested in Switzerland.

Earlier, representatives of the museum reported that all 54 were arrested in Switzerland pictures.

Among the exhibits at an exhibition in Martigny were such paintings as "Rinaldo and Armida" by Nicolas Poussin, "Jupiter and Callisto," Francois Boucher, "The Rock of Etretat" and "lilac bush" by Claude Monet, "Frost in Luvesene" Alfred Sisley " Dancers in the rehearsal, "and" Dancers "by Edgar Degas," Jeanne Samari "by Auguste Renoir," Banks of the Marne "and" Smoker "by Paul Cezanne," Tavern "Edouard Manet," The Wave "by Gustave Courbet," Oh, you jealous? " Paul Gauguin. Also in Martigny were shown pictures of Henri Matisse, Henri Rousseau, Pablo Picasso.

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