Published: July 22, 2012


PATRON (lat. Maecenas - a name of the rich Roman citizen of an era of Augustus, the patron of poets) - the person possessing the power and wealth, giving protection and material support to masters of art or to. - l. to undertakings in art life. Patronage is known from an antiquity: among large M - monarchs (Louis XIV, Peter I), princes churches (father Julius II), governors (Cosimo and Lorenso Medici), bankers (Fuggera, Rotshilda). In Russia noble and merchant patronage was of great importance for development of art, museums and art crafts, especially in a game. 19-нач. 20 century: the Item of M and S. M. Tretyakova, A.A.Bakhrushin, S.I.Mamontov, K.M. Tenishev, Page were known M at this time. And. and P.I.Shchukina, and M.A.Morozova. The term the sponsor designating both PATRON, and the person investing money in art and art life now is more common.

By JenKiriakos


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nunu in mythology and poetry
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