Published: January 13, 2018

Modern surrealism by Stanislav Odyagaylo


Stanislav Odyagaylo.Glass bubbles.


Physicists will go crazy if they try to check the formulas for the existence of Parallel Universes, which draws a talented photo artist Stanislav Odyagailo.His creative photos are full of bright images - but in many respects spontaneous.Therefore, each work is a separate mystery: a new photo is a new World.


Creative photos of Stanislav Odyagaylo.Outgoing doubts.

Stanislav's works are amazing in terms of variety and quantity of original ideas.Many artists bring a single motive to their work, create major thematic series.And here everything is exactly the opposite - there are groups of two or three pictures, that's all.And Stanislav's works themselves resemble an embodied dream, where logic and laws of common sense take a vacation on disability.Elements of the plot are separately connected, but the overall picture is absolutely paradoxical.Neptune in the Navy?Snowmen from Kherson watermelons?The common denominator of the works of the photographer is only a fantastic entourage and surrealism.
According to Stanislav, at the moment of inspiration, the images themselves form a single picture.He feels his work, and to analyze the resulting beautiful and creative photos is the work of the viewer.


Stanislav Odyagaylo.Neptune in the Navy.


Creative photos of Stanislav Odyagaylo.Kherson winter.

For all the surrealism of photographs, there is no deliberate denial of beauty in them.They are not as fabulous as thedigital painting of Susan Justice, but the otherworldly unearthly landscapes and amazing creatures do not frighten, but rather fascinate.Although with an epic "dream of an entomologist" - a dragonfly - on a narrow path is better not to meet ...


Stanislav Odyagaylo.The dream of an entomologist, or hunting for a dragonfly.


Stanislav Odyagaylo.Save the illusion.


Stanislav Odyagaylo.Two elements.

Stanislav Odyagailo Ukrainian (what his colorful name loudly declares), lives and works in Kiev.Having received a fundamental biological education, he abruptly changed the field of activity and consciously chose art.Creative photos and digital collages brought him quite a lot of fame (many works can be found ingalleyphotographer).Stanislav believes that digital technology can and should be used, because classical techniques give an incommensurably smaller result (although look at theclassic photo collages of Jerry Walesman- it's no less beautiful!).



By WuDong


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