Published: April 2, 2012


BUST (Fr. buste, from the Italian. Busto - torso, torso) - bust, at least half-length image of a person or oplechnoe in the round sculpture. B. appeared in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece (originally as a grave portrait, in Greece as well as germanium), has received considerable development in the art of ancient Rome, where his song was included stand. In the future, was circulated in Renaissance art (Donatello, Francesco Laurana) and in the art of 17-20 centuries. (Lorenzo Bernini, Jean-Antoine Houdon, F. Shubin, Auguste Rodin, Antoine Bourdelle, Valentina Mukhina, D. S. Lebedev).

By JenKiriakos


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nunu in mythology and poetry
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nunu in mythology and poetry
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