Published: July 7, 2012


PRIMER (polished grunt, from him. Grund - the bottom, base) - 1) in the technology of painting a thin layer of special composition, caused by the surface of the canvas or wood as a foundation to give the desired surface quality of the artist process. Usually consists of a thin adhesive layer of the lower and upper soil layers. G. absorbs part of the binder, keeping it in a beautiful bed for as long as is necessary in order to avoid pozhuhaniya colors. G. promotes strong bonding (adhesion), painting the base. G. composition is an adhesive (pull), oil, emulsion and synthetic, by color - white, colored and tinted, and 2) in the technique of in-depth engraving - a layer of acid-proof, which covers the metal board before starting work, and partly in the etching process . See also Levkas.

By JenKiriakos


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