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Venus, Mars, and Vulcan

Venus, Mars, and Vulcan :: Jacopo Tintoretto - nu art in mythology painting
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1547-1551, Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Picture size is 135 x 198 cm, oil on canvas. 

Venus, Mars, and Vulcan

Italian art of the 16th century. Late Renaissance and Mannerism.
Painting by Jacopo Tintoretto Venus, Vulcan and Mars is one of the artist's early works. In the painting of the artist is noticeably impact of Titian. Jacopo Tintoretto painted a classic story of ancient mythology — the moment when god Vulcan visited his capricious wife Venus, who shortly before the arrival of her husband was engaged in love joys with Mars (Mars head is visible on the picture, hiding under the marital bed). Tintoretto, especially since the 1550s, characterized by a desire to express his inner experience and his ethical assessment of images, which he embodied, hence the passionate emotional expressiveness of his artistic language. New notes also appear in traditional mythological themes in the interpretation of Tintoretto. This is a full of dramatic contrast comparison youthful beauty of nude Venus, peacefully sleeping in cradle of infant Cupid, breathless Mars, and angular movements of elder Vulcan covered by voluptuousness and jealousy.

Submitted by: Nikki

Published: 30.01.2015

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