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Crucified Thief :: Lovis Corinth

Crucified Thief :: Lovis Corinth - nude men
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Lovis Corinth (1858-1925) Crucified Thief

Oil on canvas, 1883 (180 x 80 cm)( 70,9 x 31,4 inch ) Public collection

Submitted by: JenKiriakos

Published: 31.03.2010


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May 5, 2015

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July 29, 2015

for having no airnpatioss and simply using the canvas as a diary. I think the masters kind of did that, but a more intellectual, thoughtful one. Pioneering not just art but the world's thoughts and knowledge at that time through them. I kind of envy them. That time and place. They took the initiative and made what happened happen. It wasn't like they came into this by sheer fortune. But the atmosphere and the specific stresses as well as lack of stresses at that time, allowed for something eternal [Expand]


October 27, 2015

. Wow. A location like that might be a liltte too exciting for me, but it looks very beautiful, Gattina. And a hotel room where the red flowers are!! Wonderful. What will you do on your holiday there? Swim? Dive? Fly across the mountains to the Nile at Luxor?It looks like a world where anything is possible. Fascinating.Kay, Alberta


October 29, 2015

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