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Jupiter, Mercury and the Virtue :: Dosso Dossi

Jupiter, Mercury and the Virtue :: Dosso Dossi - mythology and poetry
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Dosso Dossi (1490-1542) Jupiter, Mercury and the Virtue

Oil on canvas, 1515-1518 (111.3 x 150 cm) ( 43,8 x 59 inch ) Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Submitted by: marina51

Published: 22.03.2010


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Victor - October 27, 2015

Renfro, who suspects that Magritte may have seen him while he was phrucasing a bowler hat and topcoat in Brussels in the early 1960s.This is the funniest single sentence I've read in months.

Pooja - October 27, 2015

daily poetry:im glad you like it! i imdtmiaeely thought of you when i saw that website. i WISH i could go back to paris next year! i dont know when i will go again :-/celine:you and your husband is such a good looking couple! you guys are so cute :-) i do like how they look too! all my college friends ride them, but yes, i dont think i will ever. hahah they seem dangerous...but i guess thats the thrill. i need brakes! hahah i actually bought a 'modern amusement' shirt a long time ago (before [Expand]

Kaori - October 29, 2015

Definitely a really nice poem, and nice adcneiue reaction there at the end. Would like to know more about the photos - esp the one with the crowd of people in the horse box, so that distracted me a little from the poem. But very well read. You've got the job.

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