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The picture is fanned by the joyful anticipation of the life of the new couple, the expectation of only good, a sincere desire for happiness. A nice job that can decorate a bedroom or living room in a summer home.
The picture is almost devoid of the traditional wedding atmosphere. It shows the moment when a young man, who has just become a husband, is calling for an army service. Perhaps there is a conflict, it is not clear how dangerous it can be for him, what is the probability that he will return to his young wife - all this creates a tense, anxious mood, although the canvas demonstrates a fairly peaceful scene.
The coast is like a border between two worlds, completely different, but which can not exist alone without the other. Land and water, peace and unpredictability, familiar from childhood and unexplored, alluring. Water mirrors reflect the beauty of the shore, enrich its image with its azure and glare. And the coast emphasizes dynamism, the vital energy of water, frames it, keeping this wayward element within the framework. It is from the coast that the water surface seems so attractive, and while staying on the water the distant shore turns out to be a long-awaited oasis.
Forest paintings are a hymn to the glory of the kingdom of the flora, here the authors with special love and care depict trees, shrubs and even grass. The forest on the canvases appears light and calm, dark and impassable, a windbreak or cozy and hospitable. He is alive, changing, breathing, which proves the skill of the authors.
Rural landscapes are pleasant to the eye, like any picture of nature, but in addition they give a kind of coziness, home warmth and nostalgia. Perhaps most people are eager for city life, but almost everyone has a need, at least for a while, sometimes even to change the situation namely with that does not resemble a metropolis. Perhaps, the artists experience similar feelings when are writing these canvases, when they use natural simple shades, represent unpretentious places, which there are many, but they are again and again imprinted on the pictures, because their beauty is not bright, not external but imperishable.