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Italy has a huge architectural heritage, many works from which are known everywhere. But the painters are attracted also by fairly simple, inconspicuous objects, which at some point create a composition worthy of their pen. The canvas "Firework Display at the Castel Sant 'Angelo in Rome" by Joseph Wright of Derby opens a sunset view from the famous castle to the nearby buildings, much less familiar to the public. And in the work "A Rainy Day in the Vomero Naples" Attilio Pratella shows a simple, seemingly unremarkable street, which in these rainy tones creates a complete composition.
Holland and Denmark appear in pictures with cozy open city landscapes. In many cases water is present on them - in the form of a full-flowing river that occupies a central position, or a small detail on the edge of the picture, in the form of a navigable path in the summer or a skating rink in the winter. Some works depict ancient views of the city with narrow streets between 3-4-storeyed backs with sloping roofs, as from some Andersen's fairy tale.
Cityscapes of Germany are usually characterized by Gothic architecture, traditional for this country. They are very urban, without elements of nature. In general, they are quite typical, reflecting the customs of the country.
French landscapes are incredibly diverse, many-sided. There are bright and gloomy, clearly southern, almost oriental pictures and very metropolitan, completely European. For example, "A Sunlit Square Languedoc" by Sir William Russell Flint seems to be a landscape that can be found in North Africa and the Orient, and "View of the Triumphal arch" by Edouard Leon Cortes is a true urban look, very fresh and dynamic.
England is always associated with fog, rain, cloudy weather, and most of the pictures confirm this her image. In addition, the historically developed style of architecture gives the appearance of seriousness, rigor and restraint. Even in the sunny canvas "Windsor Castle" by Canaletto, the landscape is painted in fairly restrained colors - both the sky and the river bank, and the castle in the distance seems only one of the details, despite the fact that the Italian author tried as best he could to give radiance and light.