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The picture reminds classical works of antiquity. Perhaps this contributes to the carefully thought-out pose of the heroine, which is very picturesque, elegant, graceful, but little natural and almost acrobatic. It could be a marble statue, in this case, the sculptor would be famous for his ability to balance such a monument. The girl bent to smell the flower of the iris, which, like the plot, fully corresponds to the academic canons, she is like a nymph in the Garden of Eden, perfectly beautiful and her work is impeccable. In general, the composition is pleasant, and in an inexperienced viewer it can cause admiration. Perhaps this picture would ideally look in a certain public location - a beauty salon, spa, clinic - where would simply aesthetically decorate the room.
The composition is very suitable for the bedroom. It exudes pacification, peace, relaxation. This impression is created thanks to the muted, very neutral palette, and thanks to the composition. The colors are not bright, but they are not dark either, as if the lighting is muffled by a certain curtain, everything is clearly visible, but there are no contrasts between light and shadow. The girl depicted lies on a fur blanket, which immediately creates a feeling of softness, warmth, coziness, immersion in comfort. And her posture makes it clear that she is completely relaxed, her face is turned away from the viewer, directed towards the blanket, which means that she fences off the outside world as much as possible and rests, plunging into the world of dreams and peace.
An interesting study, a bit abstract, sketchy. It seems that the canvas is filled with multi-colored spots, they are shapeless, randomly scattered in composition, but suddenly the image of a girl appears among them. The shade of her skin is very similar to the color of individual areas of the background, so it seems that she arises from it. The author simply adds some contours, shadow zones, and suddenly an image emerges from nothing. The artist, perhaps unwittingly, was able to demonstrate the process of creating a painting, creating a work of art with the help of canvas and paints, showed how much talent is needed to see images on an empty background and give them life.
A bright, expressive picture that immediately draws attention to itself and makes you stop and examine it. In fact, at first only the figure of the girl is noticeable, in order to understand the surroundings you need to look at her more carefully. Indeed, the interior of the workshop was written somewhat casually - this applies to both the technique and the composition itself. The author creates a sense of chaos, the presence of various parts, many of which are only guessed. And in the center stands the figure of the girl, who is also not very carefully drawn, but the artist highlights it with color, several clear elements that allow the viewer to immediately see her. Skin color, copper shade of hair instantly set off the heroine against the background of a pale disorder. It is the spot of life, of living, natural beauty in the midst of a cluster of things that never come to life. As if the statement of the meaninglessness of attempts to blind something equal to the creation of nature.
The picture depicts a girl who washes, but the main thing is not what is depicted, but the emotions that she evokes in the viewer. By and large, there are no main and secondary elements in the composition, they are all equally unimportant. The atmosphere that is created in the canvas is interesting. It is all done in bright colors, in some places with light reflections, it creates a feeling of purity, spotlessness, freshness, airiness, free breathing, morning mood, when the day is just beginning and you can think of it the way you want. The composition invigorates and adjusts to the beginning of the day, in fact nothing has been painted on it, everyone in the imagination can create something own to complement it.