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The picture is intriguing with its composition. It is obvious that young people in the foreground sympathize each other, probably the young man arrived for a visit and entertained the girl with singing and playing music. But the song is over, and the moment of direct communication has come - it will be just a conversation, or they will dare to say something important to each other, very personal and long-awaited, or the young man can kiss the beloved... The approaching man - probably the father of the heroine - foresees possible options for the development of events too, which disturbs him and makes him intervene.
A picturesque composition, so much so that despite the sad scene, it attracts and retains attention. The heroes of the composition have just parted, probably forever - he leaves away, head down, she tries to stay proud and unperturbed, but sadness in the eyes and a certain reverie are noticeable. The canvas is made in rather dark, gloomy tones, but some light elements - the heroine's clothes, the mansion in the background, the illuminated bench - facilitate the overall impression and soften the drama of the situation.
The composition is filled with a dejected, moody mood. The hero holds a letter in his helplessly lowered hand, in which, probably, he is called to fulfill a certain duty. And this makes him dreary, gloomy - after all, he just played for his beloved wife, sitting with her on the couch in their cozy house with flowers by the window... His wife is also concerned, but probably not so much of early separation from her husband , how much of his gloomy mood, she tries to learn the details of the message, to console her husband, to cheer him up. The picture creates a mixed mood - anxious, sad, but, at the same time, leaves and hope for a happy ending of affairs, because this is really a strong couple, deserving a long life together.
Very laconic, restrained, almost minimalistic picture. At the same time the composition turned out to be very refined, elegant, aristocratic. The author used a not too extensive palette, the background landscape seems almost monochrome, but thanks to this, the heroine's clothes - rather faint, pale - are striking, and their color is perceived as tender, pastel, making them more feminine. The nature surrounding the ladies is depicted as dull, autumnal, unattractive, but thin trunks and branches of trees with small, sparse leaves also add to compositions grace and tenderness.
The picture clearly demonstrates the traditions of the past, in particular, matchmaking. In the center of the composition are the woman (the mother of the groom) and the man (the father of the bride) who conduct the main negotiations. It is she, and not the bridegroom himself, who must convince the future co-father-in-law that the young man will become a good party for his daughter. The bride's father does not show very much interest in the proposal, trying to hear as much evidence as possible in favor of marriage, and to agree on the greatest possible material contribution of the groom's family. The opinion of the bride herself is not very clear - her mother is trying to bring her forward, to the groom, or, on the contrary, to take her to another room, because her desire in this case does not matter. Symbolically, the composition is divided in the middle by a white column, spreading on the sides of a family of potential relatives.