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Contrast composition depicting a meadow at the fjord. The author divided the canvas into two parts and tried to make them as different as possible. The sky, the mountains and the water in the background are hidden by the veil of mist, fog. They are ghostly, very light, all almost in one shade, indistinct, blurred. Only their silhouette, their outline, only a hint is visible, the viewer can come up with details. In the foreground there is a girl walking in a meadow, and this part of the composition is written in a completely different way. It is brightly illuminated by sunlight, and the artist tried to show the smallest details of the costume of the heroine and a lot of tiny flowers. This part of the canvas is more colorful, it depicts typical northern vegetation in green and lilac tones.
One of those landscapes by the fjords, in which the author enjoyed playing with flowers, the extraordinary natural colors of this area. The coast is covered with grass, but it is not bright green, but lighter, with a less saturated color. Perhaps it is brightened by sunlight, which gives it a yellowish tint. The water, which reflects the mountains, acquires their lilac shade, because they seem to be hidden by a light haze. Their whitewashed color echoes the greenness of the coast and harmonizes with it. And at the top is the sky of an amazing pink shade - almost dawn, but in this case it is a feature of the area, one of the northern beauties. Very northern and unusually gentle landscape.
The main heroine of the canvas is an elderly woman, who reads fairy tales to children. But she does not just read them, she tells, expressively, thoughtfully, explaining something. And may be add new details to the written history, embellish it and make it more believable, realistic. Therefore, children listen to her as if spellbound, they even leaned in her direction, because do not want to miss a word. The heroine gives the impression of a true storyteller, distinctive and wise. Looking at the picture, it becomes interesting what she is talking about, the viewer also wants to hear her story. The composition as a whole is made in dark colors, but the faces of the old woman and children are better illuminated, so they immediately attract attention and convey the atmosphere of the picture.
Light, quiet, almost watercolor landscape. The light blue sky is covered with white clouds, so there is no bright sunshine, the composition is illuminated by calm daylight. The sky is reflected in the sea and gives it its colors, only the pattern on the water changes, becoming more striped. Trees and grass have a whitish hue, over the summer they are burned out in the sun. And now the summer is nearing its end and autumn is approaching - the sloping ears are tied up in sheaves, and in some places the foliage of the trees takes on a reddish tint. People quietly work in the field, it seems, without haste, not noticeable and very tired - in cloudy weather there is no sweltering heat. All paint pictures are light, almost transparent, and an atmosphere of air is created when breathing is easy, a feeling of pleasant, quiet weather.
The picture attracts with its bright palette, saturated purple and orange, which create a great contrast. In fact, the composition is divided into two parts - upper and lower, each of them is enriched with various details, but retains the basic color range. The characters depicted play a supporting role, complement the landscape and make the necessary accents. But the main theme of the canvas - a combination of two colors, which consist of different shades, but in general are contrasting and harmonious together.