Published: March 4, 2012

A unique collection of paintings of Elizabeth Taylor sold for $ 15.5 million

After the sale last year, jewelry collection once abandoned this world of Queen Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood it's time to be auctioned off her collection of paintings and drawings.

Collection of Taylor was offered for sale within the traditional trades of February, which features the work of Impressionist and Modern, and fell into three distinct auction sessions 7 and 8 February. All 38 lots in the end found new owners. But art lovers had to pay dearly to work once hung in a room of a cult actress, became an ornament of their apartments.

The most expensive lot was a picture in the collection of Vincent van Gogh's "View of the shelter and the chapel at Saint-Remy" (Vue de l'Asile de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy), which got an anonymous buyer for 10.1 million pounds (with a starting price 5-7 million). At one time his father bought the painting of Elizabeth Taylor's daughter as a gift in 1963. Then it cost about 260 thousand dollars.

In three of the top lots of the "assembly Taylor" also includes "Apple Trees in Arani" impressionist Camille Pissarro sold for 2.95 million pounds (estimate - 900 000 - 1.2 million) and a self-portrait by Edgar Degas, who went to a new host for almost a, 4,000,000 (Estim? at 350-450 thousand).

Total revenue from the sale of paintings and drawings from the collection of the great actress was 15,576,000 413 pounds.

The main part of the collection - some 1,800 lots of jewelry, evening dresses and kinoraritetov - was sold at Christie's auction in New York in December 2011 almost 157 million U.S. dollars (100 million pounds). Then, this auction has become a world record. Results on the first day of trading 80 lots were sold for which managed to gain a total of 115.9 million dollars.

"Elizabeth Taylor bought works of art with the same passion, like diamonds, - said the expert Christie's Giovanna Bertatstsoni. - In the 60s of last century it has acquired a lot of work, focusing on such iconic names as Van Gogh, Renoir, Utrillo. It collection of paintings was of great importance for Miss Taylor. It allows connoisseurs in a special way to look at the famous personality of their owner. "

The love of art was inherited by Elizabeth Taylor from her father, Francis Taylor, who worked at one time an art dealer in one of the most successful galleries in London. After the Second World War, he moved with his family to California, where he opened his own business on the trade in works of art. Among his clients were celebrities such as Greta Garbo, Vincent Price, and Hedda Hopper.

Already a successful actress, Elizabeth Taylor took the advice his father and began to acquire works of art, carefully selecting them for their collection. With great trepidation Queen of Hollywood belonged to the works of impressionist painters. As a result, she was able to form a unique collection of paintings and drawings by French, Russian, British artists of the XIX and XX centuries.

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Kierra    May 19, 2016

It's imvtraeipe that more people make this exact point.


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