Published: March 26, 2012

Petersburg Book World

November 8 at the St. Petersburg hotel "Ambassador" presentation "of the St. Petersburg Book World." It is the result of large-scale project of the State Russian Museum and the producer center "World of Art" - children's art marathon "A world without war", which started September 8, 2004 and continued until September 7, 2005, when the entrance to the Russian Museum, took the unusual "air Exhibition "60 children's work - the winners of the marathon - a bunch of balloons soared into the sky in St Petersburg, as a message to children to the city and the world. It is to the world, after the end of this joint work of children and adults at the same time marks the beginning of a new and even more grandiose, mega-project of the Russian Museum and the producer center "World of Art": International Children's creative marathon.

"St. Petersburg Book World" consists of 60 children's drawings (the authors of them - the winners of the marathon, "A World Without War," 2004-2005.) And retrospective children's literary works from the 1940s to the present day. This retrospective prepared a full partner in the project "A World Without War" - teenage newspaper "Five Corners" (once - "Lenin sparks"). Many publications were once young corrs first experiments (among them we find, for example, a poem by Robert Young of Christmas). "St. Petersburg Book of Peace" is unusual in not only the connection of Children from different generations: it is blank white sheets - for your own thoughts, poems and drawings of the future for young readers who are able, therefore, make a copy of the book - exclusive.

Children's creative marathon, "A World Without War" was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War, because it is not surprising that the majority of drawings submitted for the competition or created by children during a variety of master classes and open classes marathon, talk about the war. Even if a military theme performed by young artists, has all the hallmarks of children's drawings: bright colors and upbeat, bright aura. This particularly applies to collectively set up - in master classes with artist Yuri Lyukshin - manuscript "Book of Peace of St. Petersburg." This was attended by about 100 children art studio "Transfiguration", St. Petersburg Palace of Youth Creativity, Children's Crisis Center, the Palace of Art Studio students, secondary school № 658. Presentation of the book took place in the Russian Museum shortly before the celebration of Victory Day, and June 1, it was exhibited for visitors to the exhibition "Road to Victory." Some images from this unique and wonderful book, went along with the story of the artist, printed in the "St. Petersburg Book World ".

The book also includes pictures of children on the military theme of children's drawings from the collection of the State Russian Museum.

Approximately 1,000 children sent their pictures to the contest and participated in marathon rallies, "A World Without War" that took place in children's infectious diseases hospital № 3, № 29 Vasileostrovsky school district in the Suvorov Military School, in the SOS Children's Village Pushkin. With the young artists involved donated Petersburg masters: the group "Mitka" and Dmitry Shagin, Gleb Bogomolov, Tatiana Solovieva, Domashenko, Victor Abrahamian, Andrey Larionov, Alexander Frolov, and teachers of schools and studios, the students of St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Russian State Pedagogical University of Herzen.

Yes, only 60 children's works were included in the "St. Petersburg Book of Peace." But we are grateful to all who by their participation contributed to this project: art school of the city of Togliatti, Samara Children's art gallery, school № 8 of Syzran, art studio city of Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, gymnasium № 13 of the city of Penza, and many others who took participate in the marathon.

And, of course, such a massive project would have been impossible without the help of friends and partners, without their forces, resources, attention and love to children. This - teenage newspaper "Five Corners," North-West Bank of Sberbank of the Russian Federation, the charity project "LG smiles to children", JSC "Children's World" - North - West ", hotel" Ambassador ", the Union of artists of St. Petersburg, animation project," Smeshariki "advertising and consulting company" Solv "and, of course - the International Society of" Friends of the Russian Museum "(part of the above partners are also its corporate members).

All 60 young artists - members "of the St. Petersburg Book World" - not only will the festival in the "Ambassador" his author's copy, but also take part in creating the first "exclusive book": they will leave their signatures on the blank pages of the book. In this work would be invited to participate as project partners and journalists.

Presentation of the "St. Petersburg Book World" marks the beginning of a new, large-scale project of the State Russian Museum and the producer center "World of Art" - an idea he expressed by the children themselves at the close of the marathon. A major theme of children together in an effort to show adults that they can fight for peace. The proposal was heard by children: children's creative marathon now becomes an international focus.

It will be a new series of contests for the children of St. Petersburg, CIS and Europe. Each contest will end with the release of the book, including visual and literary creativity of children. All books will have different names, as the unifying thread is the name of the series: "St. Petersburg Book of Peace." Of great interest to this kind of "peace talks" between children from different countries, have already expressed by representatives of Finland, France and Spain. After putting together the pictures of Russian children and children from different countries, and for a specific, comprehensible to both partners, the basis, we provide an opportunity for adults to get to know each other, get to know a foreign culture - in the most sincere in the world - children, the perception of life. It is especially noteworthy that the initiator of this idea will be St. Petersburg - a city that has survived all the horrors of the siege, the city where 60 years ago, dying adults and children so that children could now be born here. Thus, the project becomes very important Not Another Teen. After all, St. Petersburg, holding out a hand of friendship to help children's creativity, a variety of peoples on the planet, it becomes - City of Peace.

Information sponsor of the Russian Museum - Gallery "Museums of Russia".
General information partner of the Russian Museum - the radio station "Echo of Moscow to St. Petersburg."

November 10, 2005

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