Published: March 26, 2012

Exhibition of paintings Andriyaka in Moscow


December 14, 2005 at 17.00 at the School of watercolors opens an exhibition of the famous Russian painter, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR N.I.Andriyaki. The exhibition presents about 200 works from the collections of the Central Museum of Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945., Central Museum of the Boo-Disarmament Affairs and the forces of the State Museum of the defense of Moscow, as well as from the collection of the artist's family. In addition, the viewer will get acquainted with archival materials - letters, photographs, objects of war.

Works NI Andriyaka can be divided into three periods. During his studies (1923-1936 gg.) Coincided with the period of the Proletkult, when a wave of public debate about building a "new art". At first, Nicholas Andriyaka studying in Moscow - in the artist's studio, DN Kardovsky (the creative staunch realist views), and then in Leningrad - a professor of art Academy of Arts A.I.Savinova.

The monumental painting "The Oath boguntsev the banner," which became a graduation work Andriaka, did not survive. But the sketches and drafts it can be seen at the exhibition. In 1939 N. Andriyaka becomes a member of the Moscow Artists' Union, participates in major trade shows. This period is represented in the exposition of the work of "Moonlight on the River", "Cleaning of bread." Then he began to teach in the "School of young talents" for artistically gifted children.

June 25, 1941 Nicholas Andriyaka went as a volunteer for the front. Soldier at the beginning of the war, he finished it in Berlin captain. All the while he remained creative, artist. In severe field conditions did pencil sketches of those who surrounded him in the trenches, on the roads of war. At the end of 1943 N. Andriyaka operates in front-line newspaper, "For our victory!", Creates a portrait gallery of distinguished themselves in battle and the Red Army commanders. In the artist's legacy survived 84 figure with a detailed commentary - with name, rank and merit depicted. Draws a series of cartoons for the newspaper: "Solo on the grave of Hitler," "Mussolini," which did not yield to the exigencies of his work Kukryniksov. In the whirl of the front road the artist observes the bleak picture of the fires and destruction ("Burnt Village"). Creation of front-line period, the artist brings to future generations truthful testimony horrors of war. At the exhibition you will see the war-scorched Europe - Poland, Czechoslovakia, Berlin. Inverse of the artist is marked by high government awards. In 1946 N. Andriyaka returned to Moscow to work at the Studio of Military Artists to them. Grekov. Together with other artists from the front creates panoramas and dioramas, "Battle on the Oder bridgehead", "Crossing the Dnieper the Soviet Army," "The Battle of Stalingrad."

Since 1952, NI Andriyaka gives himself entirely to teaching MSKHSH (formerly "School of the young talent," now - the Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts at the Surikov Institute). The ability to accurately understand people, to see the future talent of the child, making it necessary for the School of the man. War years has taught a lot of the artist - a painter deeply developed sense, he has learned to see the beauty of life in its simplest forms, trying to explain and show it to his disciples. A significant part of his time to plein-air practice. "Rye", "Hot Day", "Fall River Yakhroma. Svistuha Village" - seemingly ordinary, familiar to all kinds of turned into a generalized image of the Russian land. Creation of the period - "Old pond. Zvenigorod", "Donskoy Monastery," "Early Spring. Black River," "Dawn. In Istria" is permeated with an extraordinary love for their native homeland.

The last 8 years of life, N. Andriyaka - Director MSKHSH. Its a great creative experience, Nikolai Ivanovich gave many well-known both in Russia and abroad, the masters of the national artistic culture, especially his son, People's artist of the Russian Federation, SN Andriyaka, artistic director of the Moscow School of watercolors.

The exhibition is sure to become one of the highlights of the year, and carried out in the 60th anniversary of Victory, will make a significant contribution to the patriotic education of youth. At the opening ceremony are invited to: The Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, heads of government of the city, representatives of creative intelligentsia and the museum, the director of secondary and higher military educational institutions.

November 23, 2005

By AnnaDanko,  


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