Published: March 26, 2012

In London, the auction Bonhams sold over half a million dollars a picture Shishkin

In London, the auction Bonhams sold over half a million dollars a picture ShishkinaRusskoe art in the world is in increasing demand. Proof of this assertion was the last auction in London. Total sales of paintings by Russian artists Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Malevich, as well as works by Faberge workshop reached two million pounds sterling.

The most expensive lot put up for auction before the auction, Bonhams is recognized as meeting Shishkin painting "Woodland." She was sold for 296, eight thousand pounds sterling (about 540 thousand dollars), ITAR-TASS reported.

"The calm sea in the early evening" (1884) painted by Ivan Aivazovsky sold for 219 thousand pounds. "A woman in traditional costume" by Mikhail Nesterov - 200 thousand pounds. Portrait of Nicholas Shepherd Bodarevskogo (1850-1921) accidentally discovered in the attic of the house Bonhams appraiser Jeremy Wood in Leeds, sold for 84 thousand pounds, four blocked starting price, writes "News."

Framed in gold frame work of the master jeweler Faberge in St. Petersburg bought for 50, four thousand pounds against the starting price in 4 thousand pounds sterling.

"Recently the market has witnessed a phenomenal surge in sales of works of Russian art and art" - said in this regard, Bonhams expert Martin Saunders-Rawlins. Total revenue for the famous "Russian auction" held twice a year in London, this time can make more than three million pounds sterling.

"There is growing demand for Russian art," - says Russian expert, president of the auction house "Gelos" Oleg Stetsyura. "The pattern here is simple. It can be traced not only in the case of Russia. After the collapse of totalitarian regimes or other constraints to the country, is economic development. People are getting richer, an increasing number of citizens with greater creditworthiness. Hence - the manifestation of the increased interest in the domestic arts, the demand for it , a struggle for him, the competition, "- said Stetsyura" Moskovsky Komsomolets ".

According to him, as of 2005 to 90% of Russian antiques bought in favor of the Russian capital as, but not all are imported. Although the law on import and export value from January 1, 2004, an amendment that, if the resident Russians bought somewhere in antiques over 50 years and imports it for personal use - this is done free of duty. If the commercial - fee will be charged 18% of the value of things, told Stetsyura.

The auction is considered valid if sold for more than 35% of the stated amount. It is considered a good result in 70% bracket. Stetsyura told about other features and rules of the auction. Sometimes it is unclear whether or not bought a thing. For example, the seller has determined the minimum price in 2200. Start began with 1000. Brought up to 2000. And there are no more willing to increase the price. Then bob hammer, but the chairman says "sold" or "not sold". Because the price is determined by the owner - it is a commercial secret.

"If art has appeared previously, then they are not bought, or again put up for auction, if the pricing for this artist has gone up and people decide to make money. This is a normal situation", - added Stetsyura.

Trading subjects of the Russian and Russia related to the art of the season consists of five events: Russian session at Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams, Bloomsbury and the session in a mode of online trading in blood pressure "Gelos". November 29 and December 1 will be held on the traditional Russian auction Sotheby's (held annually in May and November) November 30 - at auction Christie's, and December 6 in London Bloomsbury auction house put up for auction works by contemporary Russian artists.

Increasing the number and volume of sales at auctions related to Russian art, due to the ever-increasing demand for Russian art objects, jewelry and paintings from both western buyers and collectors, as well as from wealthy Russians, who often buy art, not only for their personal collections, but sometimes also for the Russian museums.

November 29, 2005

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