Published: July 31, 2012

Frenchmen chipped in together to buy Loukas Kranakha's picture

Loukas Kranakha-starshego's picture

The administration of Louvre conducted an action on collecting missing means for picture purchase "Three Graces" brushes of the well-known artist of Renaissance of Loukas Kranakha-starshego. For an action the site was created, through which any wishing could transfer any sum. The size of donations fluctuated from 1 to 40000 euros. On assembling 1 million euros left slightly more than a month.

In total on purchase of a picture 4 million euros were required. The main sum was made by own means of a museum and contributions of sponsors. Now Louvre can receive a picture which was before only in private collections in the collection.

The management of a museum doesn't hide the pleasure of that the whip-round took so not enough time, and compares the appeared possibility to buy a picture of the great master to a Christmas gift.

Cranes the Sr. wrote "Three Graces" in 1531. In a picture three Haritas - Ancient Greek goddesses of pleasure of life and fun are represented. In mythology of Ancient Greece of Harita were confidants to art and gave inspiration.

//On a photo: Loukas Kranakha-starshego's picture "Three Graces"

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