Published: November 8, 2017

5 best diving spots

It is impossible to see underwater beauty in the northern latitudes of the planet, and modern tourists go to warm countries to see the extraordinary beauty of the seabed.

Just a tourist no longer wants to relax on the sea beach. Spoiled by entertainment, many loved diving.

More and more tourists are exploring scuba diving. Many acquire special equipment. In large Russian cities there are diving training clubs.

Most tourists wear the full costume in Egypt for the first time. There, this service sector is developed quite widely. The nature of the Red Sea is unusually beautiful. The most beautiful fish live in the sea, it is breathtaking of brightness and variety, and again you will want to experience vivid impressions.

But besides Egypt, there are many more places on earth that are famous for the beauty of the underwater world

1. Go to Australia. There, along the coast, for many kilometers is the most beautiful reef in the world. When diving, you can consider hundreds of species of fish. All of an unusual color. Many species of fish are found only in these waters, and some are listed in the Red Book. The whole beauty of the reef and fish is complemented by sunken ships. Divers all over the world gather here in search of pirate treasures.

2. Caribbean islands. Mysterious places associated with the pirate past. The most popular are Turks and Caicos Islands. These places are suitable both for beginners in this business, and for experienced divers. Here you can meet large marine representatives: dolphins, sharks. You can dive here all year.

3. In Thailand, you can go diving on the Andaman coast. Beautiful coral bottom reveals the beauty of reefs of various colors. Here you can meet a whale shark. The water here is very clear, and from the deck of the yacht it is fashionable to see to a depth of 50 meters.

4. A paradise on earth - Hawaii. In local waters there are a lot of beautiful marine specimens. Divers set off to explore the local underwater caves.

5. Still return to Egypt. A unique place, loved by all divers of the planet, the "Blue Hole". Experienced divers go to this place. If you do not have enough experience, take an instructor. The journey will be not only fabulous, but also safe. The depth of the hole goes vertically several hundred meters down. But this opens up a unique view. The water is quite transparent and the sun's rays are visible through the water. The sun, fish and water - all this forms the cycle of the elements. Its hard to describe - its a must see!

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