Published: February 26, 2020

What is a Racetrack

The CIRCUIT is a facility for testing the strength, endurance and driving qualities of cars, as well as for speed competitions. The circuit consists of a circular road (track), usually with a concrete surface, and a network of auxiliary roads with different types of surfaces. On the main circular road, intended mainly for high-speed testing of cars, the road surface has a single-pitched profile with bends on curves, with an inclination of up to 60. Such a road surface device allows you to reach speeds on curves of up to 200 km / h or more. Laboratories and offices are usually located on bends under the track surface.

In order to study the strength of cars and especially the reliability of suspensions and braking devices, as well as the passability of cars in different road conditions, various types of coatings are arranged on the test network of roads of the autodrom: cement-concrete, asphalt-concrete, crushed stone, gravel, pavement, and ground. On otd. the sections of these roads are artificially created obstacles: potholes, subsidence, ribbing, steep concave and convex vertical curves, steep horizon, curves with small turns or without turns.

For high-speed tests, in addition to the track, a special section of road with a length of 10-15 km with a widened roadway and the necessary structures is being constructed. Hard-to-pass areas (shallow cross ditches, wet places, etc.) are located on the sections of the circuit. Such obstacles in testing cars allow you to quickly determine their driving qualities. The section for high-speed testing with a length of about 5 km has an asphalt concrete surface.

This section provides good visibility, evenness and roughness of the coating. Exits to it are equipped with warning signs. Motor racing usually has a small weather station for determining weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction), which are taken into account when conducting tests and speed runs of cars.

The autodrome of Montlhry, near Paris, consisting of a test ring (track) of length 2.5 km with cement concrete pavement and roads for 12.5 km, with stretches of coatings of various types, arts, bumps and ribbing in the form of narrow transverse bands.

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