Published: March 27, 2020

Depilacion alejandrita laser in Valencia

Each woman wants to be beautiful, without unwanted hair. In order to get rid of the hair on the body, laser hair removal is the best choice. But firstly, let's make clear what is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a modern technology for destroying hair follicles using light radiation. The advantage of laser technology is that it can be used on the skin from the lightest to darkest color and with any type of hair.

Services of Laser Estetico

The clinic in Valencia presents the new technology of laser hair removal and the services are affordable to all visitors. The clinic provides professional services in laser hair removal, teaches proper body care, consults on cosmetology for free on all issues.

Laser hair removal is an advanced cosmetology method. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, it makes sense to choose laser hair removal, as it has many advantages:

  • The process is practically painless. It can be carried out on the most sensitive areas of the skin, including on the face and along the bikini line;
  • It is completely safe, does not damage the skin;
  • It provides a long-lasting effect.

What services do the clinic offer?

Depilacion alejandrita laser in Valencia offers laser hair removal for men and women, bikini hair removal (deep, total, along the line of linen), hair removal of all zones (chin, neck, armpits, arms, legs, back, stomach. This is all for men and for women. And all these are done on the latest technology Candela laser (laser alexandrita Candela Genlelase Pro).

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