Bathroom interior in marine style

We will decorate the bathroom in a marine style. Wall decoration. Choice of accessories. The use of shells. Accent details.

For all lovers of beach holidays, the bathroom, decorated in a marine style, will remind you of your favorite place. The interior will be complemented by typical beach and sea details-shells and corals. Bring a piece of nature into the room to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. Sea theme is especially appropriate for the decoration of bathrooms in country houses and beach houses.


Paint the lower third of the wall in a sand-beige color, and the rest of the wall-in a blue color, reminiscent of the sea water that washes the sand of the beach. You do not need to make the connection line of two colors sharp and smooth. Let the line be undulating, and the colors are somewhat blurred and mixed.

An alternative option is to paint all the walls in the color of the sea wave. Then decorate the walls with hand-painted or vinyl wall stickers with images of different ocean inhabitants. In such a bathroom, you will feel as if you are on the sea floor.

Another possibility for wall decoration to create a sea Ц like atmosphere in the bathroom is wallpaper and wallpaper borders with a marine theme.


In stores, it is not difficult to find curtains for Windows, rugs and decorative towels with printed or embroidered patterns of marine themes. Single-color accessories are also suitable if you choose the colors that will go well with the color of the walls.

Simple towels and mats can be converted into marine ones if you decorate them with printed patterns in the form of sea stars or sea urchins. Or hand paint using a stencil in the shape of a fish and paint for fabric.

Other bathroom accessories, including a soap dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush holder, can also be decorated in a nautical style with a stamp, stencil, or decorative vinyl stickers.


Come up with creative ways to use sea shells to decorate the bathroom. Large flat sinks can be turned upside down and used as a soap dish for decorative soap, a pot for small plants, or a candle holder for tea candles.

Glue small shells along the edges of window curtains, shower curtains, or at the corners of photo frames. An interesting wall decoration will turn out if you make a wreath from the collection of shells.

Fill a small bucket or other container with shells of various types and shapes and place it on a windowsill, countertop, or shelf. Very large shells can also be turned over and filled with small shells. Pour sand on the bottom of a small glass jar, and a layer of small shells on top. In such a jar, you can store toiletries, such as cotton balls or sticks.

Accent details

Zoom in on your favorite photo taken at the resort and hang it on the wall in a beautiful frame. In addition, you can decorate the walls with images of sunrise and sunset over the ocean and photos of fish swimming under the water.

Other marine materials, such as corals or driftwood, will also fit perfectly into the interior of a marine-style bathroom. Make them decorative accessories by hanging them on the wall or putting them on a countertop or shelf. Lighthouses, anchors, fishing nets and steering wheels-these items always look appropriate in the marine interior.


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