Published: August 3, 2020

How to properly prepare for the repair of premises?

Owning real estate in Spain is not only very prestigious but also quite promising. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to buy an apartment or house on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, therefore such an acquisition significantly increases the status of the one who made it.

Those people who cannot afford to buy a house will like alquilar un apartamento- renting a property in Spain.

But If you want to save money it is considered a good way to save ones on buying or renting a home is to rent or to buy(comprar) casa sin reforma - an apartment without repair.

But how to organize repairs in Spain, how much do builders' services cost and how to avoid fines?

The first way is to start by forming your own team of repair specialists in Spain- el reparador

To do this, you should start screening applicants with a call for minor repairs. Contact small firms, order minor repairs from different contractors. And then notice which of them acts faster, more honest, punctual and more cheap. Whichever you choose let the foreman examine the object and draw up his estimate.

In Spain you just need to compare prices and bargain (regatear) so invite several companies to evaluate. It is advisable to start from one "to-do list" so that the estimates have the same structure and are easy to compare. Be sure to keep the contacts of talented craftsmen. They are now a lasting value- any householder wants to load them with work for months in advance.

Now let`s imagine that the repair has already been completed, and at this stage a new problem appears - what to do with the garbage remaining after the repair and sometimes before the repair, for example, after the former owners

Fortunately, in Spain it`s not a problem because there are many companies which provide different cleaning services not only for houses but even for offices.

One of the most populare one is vaciado pisos Madrid (cleaning of apartments in Madrid). This service means general cleaning, taking out furniture, rubbish, all kinds of broken devices that you no longer want to use, and which interfere with the house etc. This is very common when you moving out of an apartment or when new owners move in, but you need to get rid of the trash.

They can also provide general cleaning, removal of furniture from the any room like house, office, factory etc. It's also ideal if you're going to leave a rented office and require your belongings to be moved with the utmost care and professionalism.

Another popular house cleaning company is vaciado de oficinas. You can easily find such companies- just by searching them on the internet or asking citizens –many people use these services.

So now you can see there is no big problem to manage to house repairing or reformas de apartamentos o casas. Just start doing it for no fresh air without...Spanish repair!

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