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Published: July 8, 2012


(fr. Vernis, it. Pirnis) - 1) in the technique of oil painting, colorless solution of natural resins (dammar, mastic, sandarac) in a drying vegetable oils, alcohol, turpentine and other solvents, which serves different purposes at different stages artist: Cover Varnish give an even gloss paints, form a protective layer on the surface of the ink, so up to the 2nd floor. The 19th century. cover art was a common L. completion of the painting, retouching Varnishes are used to eliminate zhuhlosti, Varnish entered into the oil-based paints are used for ground cover, etc.;

2) the technique of engraving with etching - acid-resistant layer (wax, asphalt, resins, etc.), which covers the metal board before the artist's work. The composition of ALE differs depending on the technique and purpose engraver (for example, when working in soft lacquer varnish, added fat);

3) protective and decorative layer on the products of arts and crafts from wood, papier-mache, metal. For many of these products varnish is an important means of artistic expression;

4) an independent artistic material: natural Varnish (sap of the lacquer tree) is used in the Far East for carving and painting (up to lacquer paintings of Vietnamese painters). In the painting of the 20th century. distributed based paint varnishes (nitro lacquer, acrylic paints).

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