Published: March 5, 2012

Avant-garde in art

(From Fr. Avant - good, garde - force) - the concept that defines the experimental modernist beginnings in the art. In every era there were novel phenomenon in the visual arts, but the term "avant-garde," established only at the beginning of XX century. At this time, there were areas such as fauvism, cubism, futurism, expressionism, abstractionism. Then in the 20s and 30s avant-garde position is surreal. Between 60 - 70's added new varieties of abstract art - various forms of actionism, working with objects (pop art), conceptual art, photorealism, Kineticism and other avant-garde artists express their creativity kind of protest against the traditional culture.

In all the avant-garde directions, in spite of their great variety, can be distinguished in common: the rejection of the norms of classical images, formal innovation, the deformation of shapes, and the expression of different game conversion. All this leads to a blurring of boundaries between art and reality (ready-mepd, installation, envayroment), creating the ideal of open work of art directly invading into the environment. Avant-garde art of the dialogue is intended for the artist and the viewer, an active human interaction with the artwork, participation in the work (eg, kinetic art, happenings, etc.). The works of avant-garde directions sometimes lose their fine start and assimilated to the objects of reality. Modern trends in avant-garde are closely intertwined, forming a new synthetic form of art.

By JenKiriakos,  


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