Published: April 9, 2018

What impression do we make on people the first minutes of acquaintance?

At the first meeting people make assumption about each other on many different aspects, from I.Q. to honesty. According to experts, the first impression develops in three seconds of communication. So, having only shaken hands with you, your interlocutor will already know whether they like you and whether they want to deal with you. Fortunately, we can use the first minutes of a meeting people to make a favorable impression. So, if you wear formal suit and look right in the face, then they will intuitively feel that you are reliable businessman. However it is necessary to remember that the facial expression or other aspects can give you away. So, we suggest to find out what strangers notice first when they meet you.

Are you trustworthy?

The person can understand whether their interlocutor is reliable, only in a tenth of a second! Researchers from the University of Princeton have come to such conclusion during the interesting experiment. They have given 100 milliseconds to group of 245 students to estimated appeal, competence, aggression and reliability of the people on photos. There was other group in which 128 students participated. They were allowed to spend as much time as they wish on the same process. Having analyzed results, researchers have found out that estimates of examinees from both groups have coincided. The biggest coincidence concerned reliability degree.

High social status

According to results of the research conducted in Holland it has become clear that the people wearing branded clothes are considered by others to have higher status and income. If you are dressed in casual clothes, then you will hardly be referred to this category.


The research conducted in 2007 and headed by Nora A. Murphy, professor of the Loyola Marymount University has shown that the people looking in the eyes during the conversation seem cleverer than those who look away. During the experiment 182 students of college were suggested to discuss the given subject in pairs within five minutes. After that examinees had to answer how clever the interlocutor has seemed to them. As a result it has become clear that I.Q. assessment directly depended on whether the person looked their partner in the eyes during the conversation.

Professor Murphy also writes that thick-framed glasses and expressive speech can help to make a positive impression about your intellectual capacities.

Are you dominant?

In the small University of Pennsylvania the next experiment were conducted: undergraduates were suggested to check 25 photos of men. Some of them were bald, some with a magnificent hair. Students estimated men without hair on the head as more inclined to dominance. Subsequently it was decided to make larger experiments. 344 and 552 adults took part in them. Results were the same, bald men were perceived by examinees as more dominant than men with hair.

Are you successful?

If you want to look successful, then use services of the good tailor. So, during the joint British-Turkish research 274 examinees were offered to look at photos of the men (their faces were hidden) dressed in the suits sewed by the tailor and in ready-to-wear clothes. As a result most of participants of an experiment considered those who wore individually sewed clothes more successful.

Therefore if you should meet new people often, then get at least pair of suits which perfectly fit you.

Are you adventurer?

New acquaintance assumes that you not only see appearance of the interlocutor, but also watch their movements. So, during a research videos with walking young people were shown to group of students. They had to form an opinion on each person by their footsteps. Most of students assumed that relaxed gait is inherent in extroverts and adventurers, and more rigid - to the held-down and nervous people. It is interesting that most of examinees were mistaken in the assessment.


During the experiment made in Canada female students managed to estimate quite precisely how aggressive 37 various men at whose photos they looked during only 39 milliseconds are. Pictures were taken while men were playing a video game, and when they get an opportunity to steal points from other player.

Are you religious?

People can tell how religious are you, just watching how you behave. So, as a result of the research conducted at the University of California headed by Laura P. Neumann it was found out that undergraduates are very likely to estimate religiousness of the person, having just looked at their full-size photo. It has turned out that smiling, vigorous, balanced and tidy people, as a rule, are more religious, than the others.

Are you extrovert?

People need only 50 milliseconds to find out this. The German researchers have come to such conclusion. So, they have made an experiment and suggested examinees to check several hundreds of pictures and to form an opinion on each person represented on a photo. It has turned out that extroverts in photos usually have more cheerful expression. Thanks to this it is easy to find them.

Are you a good leader?

Researchers have suggested graduates of the university to view photographs of nearly hundred managing partners of the leading law firms and to give an assessment to various personality traits of them, including leadership skills, reliability, attractiveness, etc. Having aggregated all the points, researchers made the conclusion whether this or that person is a successful leader and, respectively, how much benefit he brought to the company. It is necessary to tell that most of examinees have quite precisely estimated the potential of people whose portraits they happened to look at. Moreover, they estimated with high precision, how good developed are leadership skills of a person, even by the pictures from their school album taken many years ago.


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