Published: March 5, 2012

Animal genre

(from Lat. animal - an animal) - a genre of art associated with animals in painting, drawing, sculpture and decorative arts. An artist who specializes in this genre, called animalist. It focuses on artistic and imaginative description of the animal, but with scientific precision passes it to the anatomical structure.

In the book graphics, illustrations for fairy tales, fables, allegorical and satirical works, the animal often "humanized", ie, endowed with peculiar features of people, actions and feelings, dressed in costumes.

For sculptures and figurines, decorative and folk art (wood carving, bone, stone, clay toys, embroidery) is particularly important decorative expressiveness of the figures, silhouette, texture, color animal. In Russian art has developed a large group of artists who have created vivid images of animals: Lansere, P. Klodt, V. Serov, W. Vatagin, I. Efimov, E. Charushin, E. Rachev, Vasnetsov Yu et al.


Animal genre Animal genre Animal genre - cats in art



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