Published: December 25, 2019

Marquise de Pompadour by Francois Boucher

Marquise de Pompadour - Francois Boucher

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson is the official favorite of King Louis XV. For 20 years, she had a huge influence on state affairs, she patronized the sciences and the arts. The girl received a good education, befitting the wife of an aristocrat, knew music, painted, sang, played on stage, played music. She was distinguished by beauty and intelligence. Voltaire himself was looking for acquaintances with her. The girl married Charles Guillaume, the owner of the Etiol estate near Paris.

Jeanne had a light character, sociable disposition and, despite her marriage, she had fun in a society of brilliant youth. The banker Joseph Paris, wanting to curry favor with the king, introduced him to Joan Poisson. At the dauphin wedding ball, everyone wore yew-tree costumes. The king himself was masked, and Joan-Antoinette arrived in the costume of the goddess of the hunt. The meeting took place and soon Madame d, Etiol became the official and beloved favorite of King Louis XV.

At Versailles, she was given several rooms, connected by a secret staircase to the royal chambers. Then the king gave her the estate of Pompadour with the title of Marquise. The husband gave her a divorce with the permission of the church. Since then, the king gifted his marquise with castles, estates, jewelry - the newly-born marquise was expensive for the court. The wife of the king completely retired from the affairs and from the kings bedroom. A smart and educated marquise de Pompadour actively delved into all public affairs, often influenced them and many of them were executed by her decision. She died at 42, presumably from lung cancer.

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