Published: March 5, 2012

Archaic art

Archaic (from gr. archaikos - old) - This term is most often indicated by an early stage of development of ancient Greek art (VII and VI centuries. BC. e.). Perhaps the use of the word "archaic" to other art events in time, which means their ignorance, their lack of formation of artistic style.

For the archaic period characterized by massive, monumental stone structures and conventions, as if frozen in identical poses, stone statues. The main types of sculpture - the figure of a naked young man, an athlete (Kuroshio) and the figure of a girl, elegantly draped folds of clothing (bark). Mysterious "archaic" smile animates their faces. At that time, were created by the main type of ancient Greek temple - peripter (rectangular building with a colonnade around it) and architectural order as a means to create imaginative expressiveness facilities. Ancient Greek architecture is characterized by a wealth of sculptural decoration. Archaism - the heyday of vase painting (black and red-figure style.)

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