Published: October 6, 2020

An old Italian movie about prostitutes and bandits

Italian film by the famous Director Bolognini. The film was made in 1959 based on the story "Children of life"by Paolo Pasolini.

Film plot

Two guys Scintillone and Ruggiero from the edge of town and stole a car in which they found weapons. Now they're trying to sell it. They are joined by a third named Bellabella, who is still a schemer and a rascal, who claims that he will find a buyer at once.

But, oddly enough, the buyer is found by two girls of the oldest profession, Anna and Supplysia, who were picked up on the road.

The deal is good, and the girls are also good, but the guys leave them, because there are adventures ahead, because with a lot of money, there will definitely be adventures.

But girls are not so simple. They, of course, guessed that they want to "throw". Well, then, they just pulled out the money and ran away. You can't find them now.

And then on the way guys meet "rich sons". Well, you can hang out with them. The loot will be wallets full of money. Only now the crazy money turned the head of the trio, so much so that Shintillone will grab all the money and get away in a taxi.

And Scintillone will realize all your dreams. He invited his girlfriend Rossana to a rich restaurant. Only here at the restaurant refused to serve them, as Scintillone one owes them.

As a result, Shintillone is taken away by the police, and Ruggiero's accomplice who arrived will offer Rossana his feelings (but first he took all the money from her). With this money, Ruggiero orders everything that is most expensive in the restaurant. So they spend the rest of the night in luxury.

In the finale of the film, Ruggiero returns to his poor neighborhood in the morning, finds a 1000 Lira bill in his pocket (mere pennies), throws the bill off the bridge.

That's how one night passed at the Italian youth, who got into the hands of stray money.

In this film, I would like to mention the beautiful Actresses who are a real decoration of European cinema of the late 50s and 60s. This is Rosanna Schiaffino, Mylene Demonjo, Elsa Martinelli, Antonella Lualdi.

If you suddenly decide to watch this movie, then be prepared to see a lot of female beauty in it. Well, women will be able to get to know the brave young Italian guys better. In short, Italian youth from urban slums have fun.

Please note that the validity period is the end of the 50s. Something similar could be observed in our country around the 90s.

By Trapatoni,  


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