Published: January 19, 2021

Pop art style in the interior

Using pop art in the interior is like pouring a fresh stream into it, getting away from banality and making your home unique. Learn more about this style. It is impossible not to recognize pop art in the interior.

This style has such pronounced individual features that even a person who is not close to the art of design can easily distinguish it. The color scheme of pop art is shades that are not combined with each other, acidic, sharply contrasting colors, and next to it are white or calmly pale pastel tones. And all this is within the boundaries of one room! However, in one "pop-art" room you can find not only radically opposite colors, but also interior items. For example, a plastic table and a carved, monumental chair. In general, pop art is very fond of plastic. (admin - we recommend that you look at the projects -

Probably because the latter was born at about the same time as the style itself. Deliberately emphasizing plastic as an artificial material seems to be a challenge to everything natural. Plastic furniture, bright and glossy, plastic accessories - photo frames, vases, figurines, lamps, etc. - this is all pop art. As well as another characteristic feature of it - the use of repetitive motives. They can be anywhere: on posters and paintings, in the form of a pattern of wall tiles, on curtains, wallpaper and carpets. Images literally jump one into another, change sizes and colors. They can blend into the overall color scheme, or they can sharply contrast with it. If you need to convey the essence of pop art in a few words, you will need to say the following: contrasting colors, plastic interior details and finishes, glossy surfaces of furniture, walls, floors and ceilings, and many lamps with neon lamps. Pop art today The half-century anniversary of Pop Art in no way affected its appearance. For several decades of its existence, the style has not undergone key changes. The favorite material for creating furniture and accessories is still plastic, flexible and always ready for experiments.

The colors are the same bright, neon: pink, light green, scarlet and piercing blue. The designs and ornaments are just as varied, from Hollywood stars and street graffiti to more elegant floral motifs and extravagant yet classic stripes. But there is also a "but": since pop art is inherently inextricably linked with modern mass culture, the main characters are the heroes of the present time. If you decide to decorate your apartment in this style, you should know that pop art does not accept cabinets in the interior. With cabinet furniture, it is generally quite categorical: if sofas and armchairs of rounded shapes and bright colors, poufs and small tables are acceptable and even welcome, then you will have to give the cabinets to relatives or friends whose apartment is decorated in more traditional styles. Are you asking where to store the acquired by back-breaking labor - books, CDs, photo albums, etc.?

In niches, inside podiums or in built-in wardrobes. If none of the above is available in your apartment, you will have to build it. Or reduce to a minimum the number of household items used. And select a separate dressing room for clothes. By the way, this is the most ideal option, but, unfortunately, it is not always and not always feasible. Pop art is a godsend for those who like to do everything with their own hands. A picture from labels, a curtain from plastic bags, a composition from cans - a truly talented person can create a masterpiece from any material. Some creations of "pop artists" seem to aim not so much to decorate the room as to shock the audience: for example, luminous plates and glasses, toilet bowls of unexpected colors and shapes, lamps in the form of naked statues. Unusual, expressive and very emotional. This is the idea of ​​pop art - it was created to amaze.

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