Published: March 1, 2021

To ride a computer training

Learning the basics of computer literacy or moving from the category of users to the category of professionals is not a problem today. There would be a desire. It remains only to understand the sea of proposals of numerous training centers working in this direction.

From scratch

Courses for beginners teach you how to work with programs that are not only used in every office, but will also be useful for studying and in everyday life. Here they will explain the principle of "communication" with a computer, teach you how to create text documents and tables that can count themselves. They will help you understand the Internet and show you how email works. In short, these courses are offered to pass a computer literacy.

You can master the basics in 2-5 days on the job or in a couple of weeks at evening classes. This pleasure will cost 1500-2000 rubles. Serious training centers teach elementary skills for free, if it takes place on the Internet. After completing these courses, you can safely insert a line about owning the Microsoft office suite in your resume.

Keep up with life

For career growth, it is important not just to gain knowledge, but also to keep up with technological progress. For this purpose, there are courses for people who want to learn new programs. Electronic tools for work are most often used by accountants, tax officers, customs officers, storekeepers - respectively, they are the road to such courses. Their training is usually paid for by employer firms. Classes are held for 4-5 days and cost from $ 300.

I'm my own programmer

If a person feels the strength to become a programmer or designer, then he has a direct path to courses for professionals. For example, where they teach you how to create websites, computer graphics and design, basic programming, and so on. For each of the directions, there are usually courses of different levels of difficulty. The duration of training - depending on the basic training, the payment-too (from $ 100). Those who have passed the first stage are often given a discount on the following classes.

Only Gates is higher

Lamers and users do not have to worry: they simply have nothing to do in courses for professionals. For example, training is conducted. Computer scientists who come to such advanced courses have a good idea of what exactly they want to learn and what, say, a structured LAN or DBMS is. Basically, such courses are authorized training programs of well-known computer manufacturers. They study here from one day to a month. How much it costs: also in different ways-from $ 100 for a one-day course to $ 1,700 for a comprehensive system engineer training program. If the firm pays, the price is slightly higher.

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