Published: March 10, 2021

Chemical Plant - about the use of autofluids

Proper auto-fluid will help protect the body, defrost the lock and start the engine.

From the abundance of car chemicals presented in stores, sometimes the eyes run away. But it is enough for the driver to know a few tools that will really help the car in its difficult work.

No need to use chemicals

The most common additives. They are different: in the engine, in the gas tank, in the antifreeze, etc. You need to handle them very, very carefully. "We will turn your 92nd gasoline into a super fuel for sports cars," the ad says. It is clear that we are talking about a banal increase in the octane number. That is, they dripped into the tank from a bottle, refueled the car with 92, and got 95.

In principle, it is absurd. With perfectly clean fuel, this might make sense, but not with the fuel that is sold at Moscow gas stations. Oil refineries have already used additives that increase the octane number, so it's scary to imagine what will happen if something else is added to this mixture. In the best case, there will be a sediment at the bottom of the gas tank. At worst, the additives will clog the fuel system. Result: replacement of injectors, cleaning of the injector and the gas line. Do you need this?

Additives in oil the question is more controversial. It seems that they clean the oil from dirt, make it more long-lasting, while very carefully contacting the metal parts of the engine. The offer is tempting in principle, but such things should be treated very, very carefully. For example, on an old car, especially if the oil was poured into it cheap and infrequently, the additive can play a cruel joke: it will raise all the sediment, which does not seem to interfere with anything. The result: the occurrence of piston rings and so on, up to the overhaul of the engine.

Everything can be made up for

To make sure of the quality of the polish, which should simply protect the coating, you just need to try several brands. Preferably-well-known ones. It is important that the polish is easily and evenly distributed over the body. After rapid drying, the product should be easily shaded and in no case leave a powdery coating.

Useful little things

The range is not limited to numerous additives and body care products. You should not even waste time and look at the showcases to understand what is actually offered. It is better to go the other way to determine what the car needs. For example, in winter, the car is stored on the street. During the day there is sleet, at night it begins to freeze. Everyone knows the effect. What should I do about it? Of course, always carry a tool for defrosting locks.

Not all stoves normally thaw the windshield what can we say about the side ones. Therefore, in winter, a glass defroster is an indispensable thing. Sprinkle the product on the window, swipe the brushes-done.

In the bitter cold, it is very, very difficult to start the engine. But all the stores sell a wonderful thing-ether for cold starting the engine. It should be understood that the car does not start at all because of the battery, but because of the frozen fuel (alas, gasoline at gas stations is diluted with water and in severe frost it freezes). This ether is sprinkled (a little bit-otherwise it will explode) into the air filter, after which the car will definitely start the ether will pick up a spark on the candles, the crankshaft will work, the pistons will go in, and then-a matter of technology.

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