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Published: July 7, 2012


Gouache (Fr. gouache, from the Italian. Guazzo - water color) - solid matte colors for the painting of the finely powdered pigment with binder vodokleevym (arabic gum, wheat starch, dextrin, etc.). G. Paints are opaque and opaque. After drying, G. brightens. Technique of painting on paper, cardboard, canvas, silk, bone, emerged as a kind of watercolor as to achieve greater density and sonority to paint water colors were mixed up white. G. has been used extensively in the Middle Ages in miniature books, and later for the sketches, cartoons, drawing podtsvechivaniya. From the middle. The 19th century. began production of gouache paints. In the 20th century. G. most frequently is used in the poster graphics, as well as for decoration and design works.

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