Published: April 2, 2012

Vladimir Lebedev

(1891, in St. Petersburg - 1967, Leningrad). Painter, graphic artist, theater.

††Vladimir Lebedev (Self-Portrait, 1939)

††V. Lebedev, in 1910-1911 he studied painting in the studio battle FA Roubaud at the High School of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, and in 1912 - in a private studio MD Bernstein. Lebedev entered the history of native art primarily as a classic of Soviet founder and graphics. Even before the October Revolution, he collaborated with such renowned magazines such as "Satyricon" and "New Satyricon." After the revolution, brought deserved fame master illustrations for children's books, especially the works of SY Marshak, "Ice Cream", "Yesterday and Today", "On the silly little mouse," "The Circus" (all - 1925), "Baggage" (1926). "Mister Twister" (1933), "Kids in a cage" (1952), "Silent Tale" (1958). Do not use a lesser-known easel paintings (the series' panel of the revolution, "1922;" new life ", 1924" Love punks ", 1925-1927,." NEP ", 1926-1927, a series dedicated to dancers, 1927, multiple: zheniya nudity, as well as girls with bouquets, 1933, etc.). And although, according to the artist, drawing is a more significant part of his art than painting, painting a picture of Lebedev are true gems of artistic heritage of the wizard. An unforgettable experience on the Lebedev made a grand exhibition "One Hundred Years of French Painting (1812-1912)" held in St. Petersburg in connection with the 100th anniversary of the War of 1812, which demonstrated a thousand paintings and drawings. According to the just assertion of N. Lunin, author of the first monograph on Lebedev, a wealth of experience of the French masters of the young artist was a great experience of life, not just the experience of school, and it is reasonable to use this experience is not to develop their individuality and become that more perfect artist. " No less important for the creative formation had close contact with the new Lebedev already postimpressionisticheskih directions of Russian Culture 1910 - from BD Grigoriev, V. Tatlin and those who ranked as the flow "constructive realism" - with IA Puni, N. Altman and AE Karev. In the early period of creativity in their beautiful works of Lebedev did not go beyond the formal experiment, the search of the most expressive, as evidenced by works such as "Still Life with a palette." (1919), "pot, spoon, mug," (1920), "Mannequin" (1921), "GLADILSCHITSA" (1921), "Cubism number 1", "Cubism number 2" (1922), "Cubism. Washerwoman "(1922), etc. The same is true with respect to works Lebedev related to topical subjects performed distemper," Merchant "," Marauder "," DEMO "," ON GUARD JULY "," The Apotheosis of workers "(all - 1920), "CUTTING IRON", "Casting" (both - 1920-1921).

Lebedev's paintings, created between the late 1920s until 1958, when they were written in the last portraits and still lifes are like a purely private sphere of intimacy, not aspiring to public attention. At this time the artist was realized in the so-called small genres: portrait, still life, "nude". Among the works of that time many of the true masterpieces such as paintings such as "A WOMAN with a Mandolin" (1927), "Girl with a Jug" (1930), "A WOMAN WITH GUITAR" (1930), "The Model NUDE" (1936), "Still Life With a bottle, "" Guitar with a glass "(both - 1930)," Fruit Baskets "(1931)," Still Life with Palette "(1932)," Wildflowers "(1946)," Portrait of NS NADEZHDIN "(1927)," PORTRAIT ARTIST TV SHISCHMAREVOY "(1934)," Portrait SD Lebedev "(1935)," Portrait By GEORGIEV "(1937)," Portrait of AA Saltykov "(1951). These paintings are distinguished by a commitment to sustainable, long favored by well-considered and carefully balanced composition consonance with the best works of French masters of the late XIX-early XX century., In particular A. Renoir, and they attract a variety and elegance of pictorial and decorative design surface of the canvas, and, most importantly , almost romantic, far from universally accepted and officially encouraged, to read the new Soviet man. Lebedev created images, usually women, are full of personal charm, warmth and sensuality.

The works are kept in the Tretyakov Gallery Lebedeva, RM, Pushkin Museum. AS Pushkin, in many museum and private collections in Russia and foreign countries. In 1918-1921 Lebedev was a professor at the Petrograd government of free artistic and educational workshops. In 1918 he became a member of the association "Union of Youth", in 1921-1922 participated in the "Association of New Trends in Art" in 1926, joined the association "Four Arts".
Lebedev was a member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR People's Artist of the RSFSR.

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