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Still Life with Flowers and Fruit :: Caravaggio

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit by artist Caravaggio  - flowers in painting
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Caravaggio (1571-1610) Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

Oil on canvas, c.1590 (105 x 184 cm) Galleria Borghese, Rome

image: Public domain

Submitted by: JenKiriakos

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DragonFly   User Rating: 24  October 13, 2017

Caravaggio painted still lifes very well. This picture is another proof of this talent. At first glance, there is a mess on the table. But if you look more closely, you can understand the order of location of all vegetables and fruits. Looking at the picture, it's hard to imagine that something will be in another place. Here everything lies in its place. And most importantly, the artist was able to present the quality of each product. Juicy or watery, dry. But this composition is crowned not by a [Expand]


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