nu art in mythology painting

Chloe (study) :: Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Chloe (study) :: Jules Joseph Lefebvre - nu art in mythology painting
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Image for "Jules Joseph Lefebvre, art and painting"

Submitted by: Nikki

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Ofelia    October 25, 2015

Joseph Campbell's quote follow your paosisn and it will open doors where there where only walls before , has lived with me for many years. So wonderful to see another quote from him.


Open    October 27, 2015

Slick 12This is so cool.I was reading the London metro and I saw an actlrie on creating your own album cover and I looked at the photo and thought "Wait a minute I know that picture" It was this one! It was credited to you and they'd done a stupid crop of it. But still its pretty awesome to have a Flickr contact make it into the papers!


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nu in mythology and poetry

nu in mythology and poetry

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Romantic scenes

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