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Bathers in a Fountain :: Albert-Auguste Fourie

Bathers in a Fountain by artist Albert-Auguste Fourie - Nu in art and painting
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Albert-Auguste Fourie (Albert Auguste Fourie) (1854-1937) Bathers in a Fountain

Oil on canvas

Public art collection

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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WuDong   User Rating: 810  April 23, 2015

What naughty beauties are at the fountain.


WuDong   User Rating: 810  April 23, 2015

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User   User Rating: 400  April 24, 2019

Contrasting, slightly mystical and illusory picture. In the foreground there are bathers in the fountain, they are brightly lit by the sun, which is reflected in the water. Therefore, the whole scene of the fountain seems almost glowing, it personifies light, purity, freshness, openness, and the heroines add to it femininity, youth and beauty. In the background are mighty trees with dense foliage that do not let light through. This site contrasts with its darkness, uncertainty. And dark statues reinforce [Expand]


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