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Startled :: Frank Dicksee

Startled by artist Frank Dicksee - Nu in art and painting
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Frank Dicksee (1853-1928) Startled

Oil on canvas Location unknown

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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WuDong   User Rating: 810  April 23, 2015

Italy: the eternal renaissance

Homeland Cosa Nostra, and the Roman Catholic Church, Italy combines incongruous: a prestigious coast, snow resorts, a feast for the stomach, affordable shopping and world masterpieces. Italy is washed five seas: the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian - in the west, the Adriatic - to the east, the Ionian and the Mediterranean - in the south. Ski resorts in Italy are located on the southern slopes of the Alps, where the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc (4,807 m), as well [Expand]


User   User Rating: 400  March 20, 2019

The picturesque, fascinating picture, which can be fully considered the landscape. The heroines of the canvas seem to be some kind of unreal creatures, mythical naiads, fairies. They do not give the impression of real girls, but rather divine beings who inadvertently decided to swim in broad daylight and were discovered by humans. Therefore, they are alarmed and seek to hide. Probably, this impression is created due to some haze that fills the composition. It is like a veil that hides the details, [Expand]


lucky95   User Rating: 491  December 11, 2019

Tags: Nude girls, red hair, white fabric, cream fabric, sea, breeze, grass, shore, flowers, grass, plant, tree, crown, branches, leaves, forest, sunlight, reflection in water, rocks


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