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Diane de Poitiers Wood :: Franzois Clouet

Diane de Poitiers Wood by artist Franzois Clouet  - Nu in art and painting
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Franzois Clouet (1510-1572) Diane de Poitiers Wood, 1571

National Gallery of Art, Washington

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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WuDong   User Rating: 810  April 23, 2015

Improbable courage for the woman's exposure in the 16th century.


WuDong   User Rating: 810  April 23, 2015

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User   User Rating: 400  March 20, 2019

Complex, multi-stage composition, probably very progressive and unusual for its time. The foreground shows the main character of the picture with a naked bust. This is an aristocrat, but the canvas does not emphasize her noble status; she appears primarily to the viewer just as a woman, demonstrating the natural beauty without embellishment. Just behind her is another woman who is breastfeeding an infant. And quite far away another heroine is seen, with a jug. They are all in the same house, but [Expand]


lucky95   User Rating: 491  December 11, 2019

Tags: Nude girl, headdress, bracelet, kid, plate, bowl, fruit, boy, curly hair, ring, feeding, red curtain, fireplace, paintings, wooden door, white cloth, carved glass, sky, leaves, plant, pear, grape, peach


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