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The bathtub :: Anders Zorn

The bathtub by artist Anders Zorn  - Nu in art and painting
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Anders Zorn (1860-1920) Le Tub

Watercolour and gouache on pap 1888 121.92 x 198.12 cm ( 48 x 77,9 inch )

Private art collection

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image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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WuDong   User Rating: 810  April 23, 2015

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User   User Rating: 400  April 15, 2019

The picture depicts a girl who washes, but the main thing is not what is depicted, but the emotions that she evokes in the viewer. By and large, there are no main and secondary elements in the composition, they are all equally unimportant. The atmosphere that is created in the canvas is interesting. It is all done in bright colors, in some places with light reflections, it creates a feeling of purity, spotlessness, freshness, airiness, free breathing, morning mood, when the day is just beginning [Expand]


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