Romantic scenes in art and painting

Lovers [ Les Amiants ] :: Cesare-Auguste Detti

Lovers [ Les Amiants ] by artist Cesare-Auguste Detti - Romantic scenes in art and painting
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Oil on canvas (66 x 46.3 cm)( 26 x 18,2 inch ) Public collection

Cesare-Auguste Detti (1847-1914) Les Amiants

Tags: a park landscape, driving by boats, autumn day, the estate, the river, the coast, the carriage, the driver, mother, the newborn, people, festive clothes of the 18th, musicians, the servant

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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User   User Rating: 400  August 21, 2018

The technique of painting makes an impression of silky, as if embroidered with smoothness. Probably, this effect is achieved due to very smooth color transitions, the absence of sharp contrasts and too bright colors. The palette is very tender, a little bit bleached, which also contributes to the effect of "smoothness" - it seems that it gleams in the light, reflecting it. The plot is unpretentious, understandable and tuning to a light romantic mood.


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