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Harvesting At Luccombe, Isle Of Wight :: Alfred Glendening

Harvesting At Luccombe, Isle Of Wight by artist Alfred Glendening - Village life
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Alfred Glendening (1861-1907) Harvesting At Luccombe, Isle Of Wight

Oil on canvas, 1870 (61 x 91.4 cm)( 24 x 35,9 inch ) Private collection

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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Paul    October 25, 2015

John, December 19, 2012 at 4:50 pm Jason has just delivered some work he has done for me. Some old pohtos which I thought were beyond saving have been brought back to better than the original was when it was in good condition. They will be framed and in pride of place in our new office in January Thanks for a grand job done.


Pablo    October 27, 2015

I bought this at Hastings on the spur of the momnet. And when I saw there was only one guitar I knew I was in for a letdown. And I was. The interplay of the two elegant guitars, bass, and drums has always been my biggest attraction to the Cure. I also agree with the mix. Merely OK. I did enjoy the version of The Lovecats. Maybe it'll grow on me. I'm trying to listen to it as the ultra stripped down version that it is and not compare it to other releases.I could swear I'd seen a CD [Expand]


Vikas    October 27, 2015

Further to my suggestion about clanhengilg the IoW assumptions on library closure, the Council has replied to my FoI request for usage figures, CRM Ref. iw11/1/5618. (Brownie points to the Council for the prompt reply!)Analysing the figures for Bembridge Library shows that, compared to the average Islander, in 2009 an average Bembridge resident took out 66% more books and visited the library facilities 84% more times. That does not seem under-usage to me! The figures and calculations have been [Expand]


Adilson    October 29, 2015

Generally the proposals to close liirbraes throughout the country is gathering press and TV publicity. Many feel the consultation process is inadequate. Would it be possible to initiate an email petition to Number 10? Looking at the Number 10 website, Number 10,, it seems if there are a 100,000 signatures an email petition will be eligible for debate in Parliament.


User   User Rating: 400  January 30, 2019

A picture with a simple plot, here is an interesting style of writing. The play of light and shadow makes the composition "velvety", textured. The rounded outlines of the bushes are like light cumulus clouds. As if this is the same pattern, painted in different colors. The sky conveys well the nature of the autumn landscape, it is bright, almost transparent, as if muffled, like all nature falling asleep before winter.


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