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Cincinnatus Receiving Deputies of the Senate :: Alexandre Cabanel

painting Cincinnatus Receiving Deputies of the Senate by artist Alexandre Cabanel  - Antique world scenes
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Yuri    October 25, 2015

Hi, Marlie, I'm Maria McKenzie and posted about Joseph and Juliette last week. Thanks so much for spptoing by my blog, what a nice surprise. Your family's story is fascinating. Looking forward to reading all the info here!


Lucas    October 27, 2015

Mr. Laurent,I met you many years ago and you visited my large ofcife in Brownsville, TX. I was the chiro who had the large indoor swimming pool. That was all unfortunately lost through divorce and legal battles with insurance companies to get paid. I am also the chiro who sued TMIC and TX work comp commission and the case was lost and appealed to the court of appeals then to the Texas Supreme Court, they did not review the case though. I am older now and wiser! Lol I am now graduated with the masters [Expand]


Jay    October 27, 2015

James, thank you again. I had not heard of Anna Little until this poll went up. I noticed seaervl bloggers talking about her. She seems to be an amazing woman, and her Democrat opponent is a male version of Nancy Pelosi. We need to send him home. Frank Pallone, Jr. has been there since 1988.Sending money to underdogs like Little is a good use of our hard-earned, taxed too much, dollars. Go Anna Little!Have a great Independence Day (but I'll be back around before then:-) [url= [link=


Felipe    October 29, 2015

Right on, RightKlik- I do smell the stench of David Plouffe's troll potral, lolThe script goes something like, "I used to be a Republican, but... here's the reason we should let the Dems steamroll the country a couple more years"I'm a Catholic, but about half the conservatives I know are not religious- look at Matthew Brietbart, an agnostic.You'd think with all those $oros bucks they could send these bozos to acting school!


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