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Enid and Geraint :: Rowland Wheelwright, R.B.A

Enid and Geraint :: Rowland Wheelwright, R.B.A - mythology and poetry
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Rowland Wheelwright, R.B.A (1870-1955) Enid and Geraint

Oil on canvas 1907 123.8 x 184.7 cm ( 48,7 x 72,6 inch )

Private art collection

Geraint and Enid

Geraint and Enid, also known by the title Geraint, son of Erbin is analogous to Chr?tien de Troyes' 12th-century poem Erec and Enide; some scholars think the two derive from a common lost source, while others believe Geraint is based directly or indirectly on Erec (though Chr?tien may have had a Celtic source). It survives in the White Book of Rhydderch and the Red Book of Hergest, both from the 14th century.

The romance concerns the love of Geraint, one of King Arthur's men, and the beautiful Enid. Geraint, son of King Erbin of Dumnonia, courts Enid. The couple marry and settle down together, but rumors spread that Geraint has gone soft. Upset about this, Enid cries to herself that she is not a true wife for keeping her husband from his chivalric duties, but Geraint misunderstands her comment to mean she has been unfaithful to him. He makes her join him on a long and dangerous trip and commands her not to speak to him. Enid disregards this command several times to warn her husband of danger. Several adventures follow that prove Enid's love and Geraint's fighting ability. The couple is happily reconciled in the end, and Geraint inherits his father's kingdom.

Enid does not appear in Welsh sources outside of this romance, but Geraint was already a popular figure. Some scholars hold that the Erec from Chr?tien's poem is based on Geraint, but others think the Welsh author simply replaced an unfamiliar French name with one his audience would recognize and associate with heroism.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson based two of his Idylls of the King on Geraint and Enid. They were originally published as a single poem called "Enid" in 1859; he later split it into two poems, "The Marriage of Geraint" and "Geraint and Enid".

image: Public domain

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