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Portrait of Anthonis van Hilten :: Joos van Cleve

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Joos van Cleve (1485-1540) Portrait of Anthonis van Hilten

Oil on oak (40 x 29 cm) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

[ Portrait of rich medieval man, apparently moneychanger. On a man's breast is a cross on a chain, on a hand a massive gold ring. There is some money on a table and a roll with records. An inscription in the bottom of picture "AV FORT INOFORCE". ]

image: Public domain

Submitted by: JenKiriakos

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User   User Rating: 400  May 9, 2019

An interesting example of a 16th century portrait. Imperfections in the technique of depicting a person are clearly noticeable, the written image is still far from realistic, almost photographic, later examples. The depicted figure is disproportionate, but the face of the hero is written quite accurately and naturally. Perhaps, for that time, the face is depicted even very well, its relief is natural, detailed. The author drew a light stubble, barely noticeable lip contour, slightly lowered eyelids. [Expand]


Ann   User Rating: 160  November 17, 2019

this man has a strange look, as if he did not get enough sleep or drank alcohol. He looks somewhere in the void, expresses strange and incomprehensible emotions


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