men's portraits 16th century

Portrait of Robert Cheseman

Portrait of Robert Cheseman by artist Hans Holbein the Younger - men's portraits 16th century
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Location: Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery The Hague Netherlands

Original Size: unknown

Falconer was a high position at the Court of the King. Falconer's responsibilities include the entire organization of the Royal Hunt.

Falconer of the King so gains the King trust, as to often rewarded with the highest honours and awards, both moral and material. Sometimes the King even was honoured with his Falconer friendship, trust him with their personal secrets and then the Falconer has a lot of power at court. Position of a falconer is usually hereditary from father to son or to another relative.

It seems that the falconry Robert Cheeseman enjoys great power in the court and trust of the King. This can be seen in his rich clothes, in a straight, proud posture, and most importantly is an expression of courageous, full self-esteem, face, proud, confident look, decidedly clenched lips. And in his arms sits his learned, trained falcon, his main weapon, sitting quietly.

image: Public domain

Submitted by: AnnaDanko

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Tags: male portrait, light eyes, long nose, gray curly hair, brown hat, dark cloak, brown collar, white shirt, gold rings, red sleeves, blue background, eagle, beak, Golden shackle


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