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Chelubey Fight with Peresvet :: Avilov Mikhail Ivanovich

Chelubey Fight with Peresvet :: Avilov Mikhail Ivanovich - History painting
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Oil on canvas. 327 x 577 cm

The State Russian Museum

"Fight Peresvet with Chelubey on Kulikov Field" (1943) - one of the most famous paintings of Mikhail Ivanovich Avilov. On canvas painting depicts a historic battle the Russian hero Peresvet with Tartar warrior Chelubey prior to the Kulikov Field.

In this fight both warriors were killed, but the victory remained with Peresvet. The horse could take him to the Russian troops, while Chelubey was knocked out of the saddle.

Composition of the painting is quite simple. The central place occupied by reared mighty horses to sitting on them Peresvet left and right Chelubey. They represented a very large and suppress the rest is shown in the picture. Flowing mane, bared teeth and furious horses muzzle make terrible. Clearly stands out in the wind fluttering colorful rug and painted horse Chelubey round shield, a spear pierced Russian hero. In Peresvet gleaming in the sun steel helmet and chain mail.

Spears hit opponents in the panels to each other. Shields and armor can not withstand the impact and the spear pierced them, piercing the body of warriors. Chelubey flies out of the saddle horses from hitting their spears Russian hero. With his shaved head flies a red malakhai. Leaned back and Relight. His figure is very tense, his eyes fierce hatred dig into the defeated enemy.

In the background at the edges of the picture are stretching into the distance troops. Play of colors Avilov sends the troops before the battle. The modest, austere, grayish tone in the left part of the picture is characterized by restraint, calmness and confidence in the victory of Russian troops. In front of building on a white horse, Grand Duke Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoy. In battle, he will receive a concussion, but still alive. Bright, colorful paint the Mongol armies pass their anxiety and uncertainty in the outcome of the match

Submitted by: JenKiriakos

Published: 29.03.2012


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