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Lenin on a tribune

Lenin on a tribune :: Aleksandr Gerasimov - History painting
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Aleksandr Gerasimov "Lenin on a tribune" (1930)

Oil on canvas,

288 x 177 cm.

State Historical Museum, Moscow

The amount of members of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia was constantly increasing. The Head Office of AARR's branches was founded in 1925 to administer the work of AARR in regions. These branches appeared in large cities such as Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Don; by 1926 there were more than 40 of them. The Union of Youth of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia was also founded in 1926, the majority of its members were students. Later the Union became a part of AARR.

AARR included all kinds of people from novice artists to well-known ones who had gained fame even before 1917. They had different futures ahead of them and each one joined AARR with their own personal experience and unique style. However, they were united with either tolerant or exalted attitude to the Russian revolution and wanted to work under new political circumstances.

Alexander Mikhaylovich Gerasimov (1881-1963) graduated from Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture where he began his career as a landscapist. In 1925 he joined AARR and became famous by painting portraits of outstanding state and cultural figures such as "Lenin on a tribune" (L.I. Lenin Museum, Moscow).

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Published: 26.09.2017

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DragonFly    October 8, 2017

This picture is very revolutionary, I can even feel this spirit. Lenin talks to the people standing on the square. It is felt that this crowd of people is immense. The artist was able to express in the image of Lenin the features of the orator - the revolutionary, the communist. The artist's task was extremely difficult. The composition of the picture is simple, devoid of random details. The figure of the leader rises above the square, the scarlet flags, a symbol of the revolution, tremble with [Expand]


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