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The Triumph of Justice :: AACHEN, Hans von

The Triumph of Justice by artist AACHEN, Hans von - Allegory in art and painting
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Oil on copper, 56 x 47 cm
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

AACHEN, Hans von

The painting, displaying the characteristic Mannerist style of the artist, is also known as The Triumph of Justice.

German painting end of the 16th

style: Mannerism
the picture has a vertical horizontal format

Tags: lion, sword, nature, nu, architecture, scales

The copy of this picture is suitable for interiors: classical, empire style, barokko

Complexity of production of the copy of this picture: high

image: Public domain

Submitted by: Nikki

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Marat   User Rating: 376  January 5, 2020

The artwork is vertical format painting. AACHEN, Hans von painted woman holding scale in her hands. She is personification of the justice. She is very close to falling and to crush some poor man who is suffering from unfair justice and cruel lion (symbol of evilness and unfairness) is ready to kill the man. But the falling justice is saved and man is escaped. The artwork is ideal for modern Hispanic style of interior home decoration. It is natural, clear and very detailed. I like this work of AACHEN, [Expand]


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