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flowers in painting

flowers in painting

Still-lives with fruit

Still-lives with fruit


Return from the Market :: Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin

Return from the Market by artist Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin - Still Lifes
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Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin (1699-1779) Return from the Market

Oil on canvas, 1739 Museu du Louvre, Paris

[ In the picture there is a young French cook. She has just returned from the market. In her hands there is bread and the sack with a rabbit, probably. In the background of the kitchen interior there are some bottles of wine. In the next room we see an old jar with water. Another young cook is speaking with a customer whom we hardly can see. ]

image: Public domain

Submitted by: JenKiriakos

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Anja    October 25, 2015

SO glad I stumbled upon you trgouhh Hoeks-in-UK,blogspot,com via Handbook of Nature Study,blogspot,com. I am teaching art in our homeschool co-op and at home put emphasis on poetry, but I never would have thought of pairing the two.Thanks!!Stop by!


Redha    October 27, 2015

Fort BumperThere is more to this painting The man on the far right is the noatry, drawing up the marriage contract. The missing piece of the picture shows the future bride and the rest of the family, mother and other siblings. The mother, who is crying, is holding the future bride's hand. A younger sister, who is also in tears, has her arm around the bride's neck. The future bride is shy and looking down while she holds her fiance's arm, too shy to even touch his hand.A little girl [Expand]


Fadhilla    October 29, 2015

First, let me say that your port is fantastic and words only begin to drsceibe the amount of nostalgia you've unlocked. Now on to a problem I'm having- there is a character who can't train for some reason. Everyone else in the party gained a few levels from conquering Dracandos' tower, but I get Not Enough Experience' when I try to train my cleric. So he's level 5 with 164K of experience. Any guidance would be immensely appreciated.


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